My Story

A "Lightbulb" Moment

I can still remember the day I first sat down to write my college essay. Although I knew I wanted more than anything to write a powerful piece for my college applications, when I lifted my pencil to paper, my mind went completely blank.

What should I write about?
What do I want to say?
What is unique about me?
What is unusual about my story?

I was nervous about writing on a topic outside of my comfort zone and had no idea where to begin.

But after a few deep breaths, I made a promise to myself that although it was uncomfortable, and a little scary, I would spend some time every single day brainstorming topics until the right one came to mind.

Seven days later, I knew my topic!

As a proud First-Generation American, I knew I had a unique story to tell about how my values and outlook had been influenced by my family’s history and culture. I wanted to weave these highlights into a story about me in my essay.

And that’s exactly what I did.

I completed a piece that told a compelling story of “me," and it convinced admissions officers at the school of my choice that I would be an asset at the university.

It is my belief that all students have unique stories to tell. It is my mission with Essay Help for Colleges to guide students to discover their stories and bringing them to life.

Writing my own college essay was difficult and stressful, because I did not have anyone to help guide me through the process. With my guidance, you will discover a process of assembling college essays that will be exciting and enlightening.

A Passionate Career in Education

I have always had a strong desire to guide students through the process of preparing for college.  More than 20 years of experience as a professional counselor allowed me to work directly with high school juniors and seniors. I learned about their post-secondary goals and then guided them as they worked to craft personal essays to match these objectives and bring out their individuality.

In addition to my work as a counselor, I also volunteered my time as a member of local advisory boards in the Ann Arbor area. These boards reviewed and implemented standard outcomes for high school students earning college credits toward their post-secondary goals as well as developing relationships with local businesses to foster employable skills.

I served as liaison to instructors, administrators, parents, school psychologists, social workers, and community agencies to ensure that the needs of my students would be met.

I continue to be an active member of The Michigan College Access Network (MCAN) and The American Counseling Association (ACA) which help to keep me current on industry news and latest trends.

A Calling and A New Business

I continue to empower high school students today. After 20+ years of working in public education, I decided to start my own business, Essay Help for Colleges. I am proud to be able to provide students with the guidance they need to discover their own unique topics for their essays.

I encourage all students with whom I work, to engage in this exciting process with purpose, clarity, and confidence. As a result, they become more aware of their own innate strengths and potential as future leaders and contributors to our society.

If you are a student reading this, my message is:

The college essay is your opportunity to show admissions officers more than your test scores. It can convey your maturity, sophistication, independence, and ability to thrive at their educational institution. I know from experience that you absolutely can discover a great college essay topic unique to you and tell a story about what has contributed to the person you are.  It is your defining life experiences, circumstances, and vulnerabilities that will become the heart of your essay. You hold the ability to write essays that you will feel proud of, written with confidence and integrity. I welcome the opportunity to be your guide in bringing your stories to life.

My Qualifications

Master of Arts in School Counseling
Eastern Michigan University

Bachelor of Science in Learning Disabilities, minor in English
Eastern Michigan University

Ms. Levy has provided exceptional assistance and direction in assisting me with crafting compelling essays that have boosted my confidence in submitting them to my dream colleges. She consistently went above and beyond to aid me in my growth as a writer, demonstrating unwavering dedication. Her kindness and approachability, coupled with her profound understanding of the college application process, made our collaboration an incredibly enjoyable experience. If you’re embarking on your college essay journey, I wholeheartedly recommend choosing Ms. Levy as your guide. Ashmith P.

Ashmith P. // Student Class of 2024

I really enjoyed working with Elizabeth. She was very flexible with her times and her corrections were very precise and she always found a way to convey my message without changing too much. She is organized and fair and very fun to talk to. She was a great help. Thank you

Michael K. // Student Class of 2024

Elizabeth was fantastic to work with! She was very helpful with my daughter’s college essays and always kept her on task. Elizabeth is extremely organized and prompt with all correspondence. I recommend Essay Help for Colleges without hesitation.

Emily S. // Parent

Elizabeth has been working with my son on his college application essays. I was feeling a little intimidated by the process because this is my oldest child. Elizabeth made me feel at ease–she is very knowledgeable on all aspects of the college application process. She provides quick and helpful feedback on essays.
I would definitely recommend that other parents work with Elizabeth!

Sandra K // Parent

Working with Elizabeth has been a pleasure! I was accepted into my dream college University of Michigan. With both quality instruction and feedback on my essays she has helped me from, with some essays, ground zero to a product I am very happy with. She was one of the first people I thought of immediately when I was admitted to U of M on January 27, 2023. I am so thankful for the help and invaluable assistance along the process. Thank you, Elizabeth! Go Blue!

Nicholas S. // Student, Class of 2023

I am so happy I met Elizabeth. She helped me navigate the college essay process with ease and confidence. In addition, I was able to write a narrative essay on a sensitive topic following her welcoming suggestions. Thank you Elizabeth for helping me achieve this goal.

Eden M. // Class of 2023

Working with Elizabeth has been a wonderful experience, she has helped so much with my essays and aided me to discover what I wanted to write about. She encouraged me along the way, and I was able to develop a personal relationship with her as well. I am immensely grateful and indebted toward her and would recommend her to anyone with similiar endeavors.

Maya A. // transfer student

I had a great experience with Elizabeth. She cared so much about my progress and appplication results, and helped keep me organized with the next steps. She sent out helpful reminders about our meetings, and our meetings helped me feel more settled about the essay process. Overall, Elizabeth is an amazing person to have your support and guidance. I definately recommend her services at essayhelpforcolleges.

Abi M. // Class of 2022

Thank you, Elizabeth as I did not know how to start my personal essay statement for Michigan State University. I was having trouble coming up with a topic however; once I met with Elizabeth a few times was able to take ownership in my essay. I highly recommend essay help for colleges as you receive a lot of one on one guidance while working through the required essay process with confidence and insight for meeting regular decision deadline.

Lilly W. // Class of 2022

Parent reached out to receive guidance on solidifying her son’s personal essay statement for admittance to Oregon State University fall of 2022. After meeting with Elizabeth a few times,  Cooper was able to write a narative essay connecting each of the events in a concise manner. I highly recommend essayhelpforcolleges as Elizabeth gave him confidence in writing a personal essay statement.

Alison S. // Parent

Elizabeth helped me navigate the college scholarship in a concise manner. Her guidance aligned my ideas toward the scholarship requirements during our zoom session. I am confident I will receive the scholarship because of Elizabeth’s suggestions and support. Thank you again, Elizabeth. I will definately recommend you to others as you are a very valuable resource.

Legacy P. // Student

Elizabeth helped me organize my essay with solid idioms while utilizing figurative language and metaphors in a very concise manner. My essay flows well, aligns with the central theme, and is very engaging. I am confident I will be admitted to the LSA program at the University of Michigan fall of 2021 because my personal essay stands out from others after receiving Elizabeth’s guidance.

Elizabeth M. // Student


I’m excited to learn about your post-secondary goals, answer any questions you may have about my services, and find out if we’re a good fit to work together.

Reach out today and I’ll be in touch within two business days.

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